Tee Ball Division Rules


  1. A regulation game consists of one (1) hour or two (2) innings unless time permits a third. Under no circumstances shall the score of a Tee Ball game be kept.


  1. Every player on the roster shall bat each inning. No player may bat twice in one inning.


  1. Each team shall have a pitcher, catcher, and five infielders. The remainder of the team shall play in the outfield.
  2. Every inning, players shall be rotated so that the same player does not play the same position two consecutive innings during a game. Infielders and outfielders must rotate every new inning. A player may only play pitcher or first base once per game.


  1. Managers and/or coaches are allowed on the playing field during games.
  2. The manager or coach who is stationed at home plate for setting the ball on the tee is considered the "umpire" and is responsible for calling foul balls, dead balls, timeouts, etc.
  3. All other playing rules will follow the Little League rule book for the Tee Ball Division.

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