1. Regular season games shall be five (5) innings or one hour and 15 minutes, whichever comes first.
  2. If tied after 5 innings, the game is considered complete. No extra innings.
  3. No new batter shall begin an at-bat after the time limit. The game is over when the time limit is reached.
  4. If the home team is ahead after four and one-half innings, and there is ample time to play another half inning, and both managers agree, the game may be played out.
  5. Only the umpire-in-chief may call a game, though this may be done in coordination with the Board Member on Duty.


  1. The side is retired when three offensive players are legally put out, called out by an umpire, or when all players on the roster have batted one time in the half-inning, or when the offensive team has scored five (5) runs.


  1. The Farm Club Division uses a pitching machine. Each batter will receive five (5) pitches unless there is a tipped ball on the third strike or the umpire calls "no pitch.”
  2. Defensive teams are allowed up to 10 players on the field. The standard nine positions should be filled with the 10th position allowed anywhere except to the right of the pitching machine. Players may only play a defensive position for a maximum of two (2) consecutive innings per game with the exception of catcher. A player may play a position for only one inning, but cannot return to that position for the remainder of the game.
  3. The manager must substitute all remaining players by the start of the third inning.
  4. The offensive team is allowed to advance a maximum of one base on an overthrow by a fielder, and only on the first overthrow. Runners may not advance on subsequent overthrows during the same play. A throw that is coming in to the pitcher is not considered an overthrow. It will be the umpire’s judgment whether to return a player to the previous base, and the decision of the umpire is final.
  5. Once the ball has returned or is on the way to the area around the pitching machine, the play is dead.
  6. Catchers must catch or retrieve the ball and throw it back to the pitcher on every pitch. The pitcher will then hand the ball to the umpire for the next pitch.
  7. Pitchers must wear a helmet.


  1. At the Farm Club level, games CAN be played with less than 9 players on either side. There are no forfeits. Managers may use the Player Pool if they know they will be short on players, but may only use pool players to bring their team to a maximum of 10 players.


  1. Managers and coaches may be on the field during the game, when their team is on defense, positioned in the outfield, to allow for in-game instruction.
  2. When their team is batting, Managers and Coaches must be in the 1st or 3rd base coach box or in the dugout. There must always be an adult coach in the dugout when their team is batting.
  3. Managers and coaches may not be positioned in the infield or behind home plate at any time.
  4. All other playing rules will follow the Little League rule book for the Minor “Coach Pitch/Machine Pitch” Division.

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